Flip Side Grill for #22 Old Smokey Charcoal Grill

Our Price: $15.95

For long cooking sessions, sometimes you want to add some charcoal or wood chunks to keep the fire going a little longer.   Now there's the Flip Side Grill to make this job easy.   It's a regular 21" top grill for the #22 Old Smokey Charcoal Grill, but we've added a 4" section on each side that flips up to allow access to the fire without removing the grill.

This is for the #22 Old Smokey Charcoal Grill.  It won't fit the #18, or the #14 or the Old Smokey Electric Smoker.  It might work for other applications, but we can't promise. Just remember the Flip Side Grill is 21" diameter, and that it's an awesome thing.