Old Smokey Beer Can Chicken Holder

Our Price: $7.95

The Old Smokey Beer Can Chicken Holder is a great new way to cook chicken. It works with either our charcoal grills or the Old Smokey Electric Smoker.

Take a can of beer (you can get great results with soda as well), dispose of about half of it by whatever means you can come up, then put the half empty can in the ring, set it on the grill, then slide a chicken over the can. The beer steams from the heat, and the steam carries the flavor into the chicken.

Use extreme caution when removing the chicken. The Beer Can Chicken Holder and the can will be hot and may cause burning if touched. Wait at least 10 minutes before removing the chicken from the Beer Can Chicken Holder. Be very careful not to let the hot liquid in the can spill onto yourself.

Now enjoy the tastiest, juiciest chicken you ever eaten!