Beer Can Chicken


1 12 oz. can of beer
1 whole chicken
1 small onion or potato
2 T worcestershire sauce
Cajun spice, herbs, or a rub (see below)
2 T vegetable oil

Open the can of beer, dispose of 1/2 of the contents.  Using a church key type opener, make 2 or 3 additional holes in the top of the beer can.  Pour worcestershire sauce into beer can, along with a tablespoon of the cajun spice or other flavors.   Rub vegetable oil inside and out of chicken, then rub in the cajun spice or whatever you are using.

Place the beer can in the OLD SMOKEY BEER CAN CHICKEN HOLDER, and slide the chicken over the beer can.  Place a small onion or potato in the neck opening to trap steam.  Place assembly on grill with medium heat, or oven set about 350F.  Cook 1-2 hours until done.

Be careful when removing chicken from beer can - there will be liquid left over.