Electric Smoker Fajitas


fajita meat
soy sauce or other marinade

The usual approach to fajitas is to make them on a very hot grill or griddle, but they turn out great in the Old Smokey Electric Smoker also.  You have to remember that you aren’t searing the meat (forget about that “sealing in the juices” myth) but cooking it slowly to make it tender.  The smoke from the wood chips gives the meat a great smoke flavor.
Marinade fajita meat in soy sauce or other marinade for several hours. Heat smoker for 30 minutes on High with cover on, then place meat on top grill and cook for no more than 25 minutes per pound. Turn about every 30 minutes. Quarter some onions and place on top of the meat and cook for the last half hour. Remove from heat and slice thinly. Serve with flour tortillas, onions, tomatoes, avocados, and salsa.