Smoked Ham


cooked ham
optional garnishes: cloves, brown sugar, honey, molasses, dry mustard, pineapple slices, fruit juice

For real down home flavor, you can't beat an old fashioned smoked ham for Christmas, Easter or any other day of the year.

Select a cooked ham shank or boneless ham and place on cooking rack, fat side up.  Ham should be heated throughout after cooking in the Old Smokey Electric Smoker on High for about 25 minutes per pound.  A cooked ham will be ready to eat when internal temperature reaches 140F.  If smoking an uncooked ham, internal temperature should reach 160F before eating.

To add extra flavor and visual appeal, you can score the top of the ham and add cloves, brown sugar, honey or molasses, and dry mustard.  Pineapple slices also make a tasty and attractive addition if placed on top of the ham and allowed to cook for the last hour or so.  Any fruit juice complements the taste of ham, so brush some on as you begin cooking to add a nice flavor.