Old Smokey 3" Temperature Gauge BT-2

Our Price: $19.95

We offer two temperature gauges. They read from 100F to 475F, good ranges for smoking, barbecuing and grilling.

This larger model, the BT-2 has a 3" dial.  Installing the larger one is a little different, because there are 2 options. The back of the BT-2 has a threaded part that screws the gauge into a 1/2" pipe threaded fitting (usually found on a larger grills and smokers) Or, you can drill a 7/8" hole and tighten the BT-2 into place with the included washer and nut.

Our Old Smokey Temperature gauges are made of heavy duty stainless steel. The dials are almost sealed (please keep them out of the rain or lawn sprinkler) and the lenses are made of glass.

  • Works on any grill or smoker
  • 3" dial
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy to install
  • 100-475 degree temperature range