About Us

Old Smokey Products Company is a manufacturing company based in Houston, Texas. We opened our doors for business in 1923 and remain in our original location.

We try to make products that people love to use. There are fancier, more complicated and more expensive products you can buy, but we hope you decide that Old Smokey is your best choice for grilling and smoking.

We stand behind what we sell. If you have a problem, call us. If you have an idea how to improve our products or business, call us. Don't be surprised when a real person answers the phone.

Have a look around the site if you want. There are recipes, copies of the current and previous manuals, assembly instructions, and lots of opportunities to buy things. Best of all, we have a collection of stories based on correspondence we've gotten over the years about some of the things that make Old Smokey great.

Thanks for coming to visit!
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